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Tax Information

It is important that tax is accounted for correctly when using this website.

By default this web store DOES NOT collect any form of sales tax.
This DOES NOT mean you are tax exempt.

To apply sales tax to your order please use the coupon code 'TAX'.  This will apply the 7% sales tax mandatory for Florida transactions.

Please read the following so you have a clear understanding of the way we collect tax.

If you are a company in the state of Florida:

Your transactions with us are tax exempt of you have filed a Florida Resale Certificate with us for the current year and your business is going to resell the products purchased from us.  Otherwise you must pay sales tax.

If you are a company outside the state of Florida:

You are responsible for the sales/use tax of your state.  If you are registered as a reseller with your state and intend to resell the products purchased from us you may not be taxed.
However, if you drop ship a product to the state of Florida: YOU ARE responsible for the sales tax UNLESS you provide us with a FLORIDA resale certificate (applying for one requires you collect Florida sales tax for all other transactions in the state from then on).

If you have any questions regarding our policies please fee free to call us at 813-783-8058. 

If you have added the tax coupon to your cart and need to remove it, you may enter the coupon 'NONE' to disable the tax.